Germany’s coronavirus vaccine ‘failure’ blasted in British contrast – ‘National malaise’

France: Residents slam Merkel over Germany border measures

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Thomas Kielinger, a German journalist and author, has claimed the country’s sluggish vaccine rollout is a “malaise that has hit Germany at the very core of its psyche”. As of March 2, Germany has administered around 6.6 million coronavirus jabs, compared to the UK with over 21.32 million doses.

Mr Kielinger, Die Welt journalist, suggested Germany’s federal system of 17 Governments failed to organise a collective vaccine roll out.

He said: “Under such conditions, organisational skill can quickly turn to chaos.

“A cacophony of different opinions has arisen, with Angela Merkel having to hold successive summits with the 16 regional, finger-wagging chiefs to find out how best to move forward.

“Tomorrow, another summit of this kind will be taking place, yet another attempt to cut through a mountain of confusion.”

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Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Kielinger also referenced the German medical authorities controversial refusal to approve the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine for those over 65-years-old.

According to health ministers, 1.45 million doses had been delivered to Germany, but only 240,000 had been used by February 23.

Mr Kielinger added later: “Germans wonder, why couldn’t their leaders come up with an orderly way of distributing the vaccines?

“But a multiplicity of authorities are all competing for prominence and even their family doctor is so far not allowed to administer the jab.

“Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, has hardly improved matters, overseeing a mess in Brussels even worse than that in her homeland.”

Praising Brexit Britain, Mr Kielinger concluded his piece by saying the “foolhardy” UK had surged ahead in the vaccine roll out, and referenced German papers who expressed jealously over it.

Bild, Germany’s biggest tabloid newspaper, ran a headline last week titled “we envy you British”, according to the journalist.

Mr Kielinger finished by calling on Ms Merkel to restore trust in the vaccine rollout by taking it on television.

He said: “Trust is a process of delegation: individuals have to be able to base their judgement on responsible authority.

“Trust can be cruelly exploited, but a complete lack of it kills.”

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It came after a Kekst CNC poll was released on Wednesday showing roughly half of Germans thought the EU had handled the vaccine rollout poorly.

Of 1,000 Germans surveyed, 51 percent were unhappy with the EU’s programme.

A report from the pollster said: “In Germany, more people now disapprove of the EU than approve of its pandemic response for the first time.”

Anger was also directed at the German Government, with 46 percent believing they had handled the rollout poorly.

Germany recorded another 10,835 cases and 386 new deaths yesterday, for a total of 2,472,896 and 71,711 respectively according to Worldometers.

Germany has also administered at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine to 5.29 percent of the population, compared to the UK’s 30.73 percent.

Yesterday, Britain recorded another 6,385 cases and 315 deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test.

In total, the UK has recorded 123,783 deaths from coronavirus, the highest in Europe and the fifth highest worldwide.

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