Giant 12ft snake turns up in shopping centre two days after escaping from zoo

A huge 12ft python was found after going missing for two days when it escaped from its aquarium.

Cara, the 12-foot-long snake was reported missing from her enclosure at the Blue Zoo Aquarium and turned up two days later in a mall in Baton Rouge in the US state of Louisiana.

Her escape forced the shopping centre to shut down for two days as the employees searched for her. The snake was finally captured in the early hours of Thursday morning where she found in a crawlspace at the mall.

The zoo shared their good news in a Facebook post, along with a video of Cara being rescued. The post said that the python was found safe and healthy.

The video shows several of the caretakers climbing down a staircase from a hole in the wall carefully carrying Cara with them. She was then held by several caretakers as they escorted her back to her enclosure.

The zoo had enlisted the help of reptile trappers and local animal control officials. But for most part, searchers were sure that Cara was in the ceiling.

'The Burmese python is an easy-going snake. These guys are one of the largest snakes and they have the kindest hearts', said Victoria, a caretaker at the zoo.

Victoria told WBRZ that she recieved news of Cara's rescue at about 3:45 in the morning and rushed to see her.

"I don't think I'd ever driven that fast to get back to Blue Zoo," Victoria said. "I'd actually just left whenever they'd found her. It was a quick turnaround, and I was back at that zoo before anyone even realized it."

'This girl came from a family that had little kids, she was their puppy dog," Victoria said.

The Blue Zoo says it will launch an investigation to figure out how Cara managed to escape.

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