Girl gets life-changing spine op after ‘wonky shoulders’ saw X-ray confirm worst

Surgery has transformed the life of a schoolgirl born with an S-shaped spine.

Carly Baker, 13, was in constant pain for two years while living with more than 90-degrees of curvature in her back.

She was diagnosed with scoliosis after mum Joanne noticed she had wonky shoulders.

Carly last month underwent life-changing surgery which straightened her crooked back and has already given her a new lease of life.

Joanne, 48, said: “It’s amazing how straight it now is. Carly has grown by three inches too.”

Carly had already beaten a heart condition and absent patella syndrome, which left her battling to walk.

The family faced a fresh setback when Joanne was helping her with a fancy dress outfit and spotted the problem. In 2018, X-rays confirmed the worst.

Joanne said: “It was so hard to see her get worse and how limiting it was for her. The curve was literally S-shaped.

“She hadn’t slept properly in about a year because she couldn’t get comfortable. It was so hard seeing her body change so drastically.”

Carly was still able to go to school, but she struggled to get about and see friends.

She was terrified of surgery, an eight-hour operation at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, to insert a metal rod into her spine and straighten it to 30 degrees. But she said: “I’m so glad I had it.”

Joanne, of Formby, Merseyside, added of the results of the spine surgery: “I noticed immediately how straight it was. It’s incredible.”

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