Girl throws sand at sleeping sea lion as lifeguard warns ‘you can leave now’

A parent came underfire after a viral video showed her daughter throwing sand and rocks at a sea lion resting on a beach.

TikToker "raspberryblush" was at the La Jolla beach in San Diego, US, last week when she saw a group of people going close to the marine mammal.

In her video, a young girl grabbed a handful of sand and rocks from the beach and took a step forward, throwing them at the sea lion.

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The sea lion tilted its head and made a groan.

A lifeguard can be heard making an announcement over the tannoy, warning the girl: "Little girl in the purple, you can leave now. Thanks!"

"We are privileged to share this space with them. Give them the space they deserve," she continued.

Multiple signs were set up by the road to the beach, warning people not to approach seals and sea lions.

"Seals/sea lions can bite. Agitated seals/sea lions may attack/ and harassing seals/sea lions is against the law."

The TikToker explained in the comments that it was the third time the girl threw the sand at the sea lion.

She added: "The area where all the seals are at is blocked off! But this seal/sea lion went for a swim, came back and sunbathed in a non-blocked off area close by."

Viewers were enraged and blasted the parent for "disrespecting the marine mammal".

"That’s annoying. The mum should have told her daughter to stop bothering the sea lion," one wrote.

A second penned: "I was confused at first and had to rewatch to realise she threw a rock at it. Yeah, 'YOU CAN LEAVE'."

Another chimed in: "Why are the people so closed? And the girl's mum is disrespectful!"

Some who live in the neighbourhood said similar incidents happened all the time.

"It's been a battle for years. That cove is manmade called Children's Pool/ But the seals use it for pupping season," a person noted.

A second added: "It's heavily a sea lion territory. We need zones to keep the people out."


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