Girlfriend shames lover after he ‘bought her bathroom scales for Valentine’s’

Valentine’s Day can be tricky for a bloke. Play it safe with roses and chocolate and it all looks a bit unimaginative. Like you haven’t put any thought in.

But trying to think outside the box can be fatal.

For example, one lateral-thinking Romeo apparently splashed out on a set of scales for his beloved. Not just any scales, digital glass scales with a large LCD display.

Cherie Lening, the woman in the bungling bloke's life posted a photo of the… let’s say ‘brave’ gift on her Instagram, saying: “Gentlemen … this is NOT, I repeat THIS IS NOT, an appropriate Valentine's Day gift … you may actually end up in the hospital…:

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Cherie also got roses and biscuits from her daughter, for February 14 wasn’t a total washout.

Cherie wasn’t the only person to have a slightly awkward Valentine’s Day. Brett Sours shared the tale of his worst-ever Valentine’s Day date on Twitter: “Went to Hooters with my girlfriend (now wife) they wouldn’t let her in because she forgot her ID.

“Had to be over 18 to go to HOOTERS. She was 23. I was 28.

“So at the minimum the people at Hooters thought I was a near 30 year old with a minor at Hooters on Valentine’s Day.”

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A romantic assignation at Hooters might beat a set of scales for sheer Valentine’s bravery. But there’s more.

Reply Guy Tim also shared his tale of dating woe: “I went on a date with a girl who had to babysit her brother, which was a surprise to me. She was 25, he was 17.

“During the dinner, her ex sent her some messages that made her cry, so she got up from the table and I spent majority of the night on a date with her younger brother.”


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Amy K shared details of the worst Valentine’s Day gift she ever received, and it might even be worse than the scales: “My ex had promised I would love my gift. ‘It’s something we can do together,’ he said.

“I knew it had to be a trip. That night he presented me with an envelope over a romantic dinner. I opened it expecting to see two plane tickets fall out.

“What fell out was a receipt for a one-year paid membership to a gym. There’s only one thing to say when you get a gift like that on Valentine’s Day: Bye.”

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