Grumpy monkey given job as farmer picking over 1,000 coconuts in a day

A grumpy monkey has been given a job as a farmer picking over 1,000 coconuts a day with his human pal.

On a small island in Thailand, a farmer has an unusual way of reaching the ripest coconuts that are the hardest to reach.

Bang San, 72, and his “grumpy macaque” work as a team to gather ripe coconuts for other people on the island.

With San’s commands, the macaque, named Ai Thong, climbs trees as tall as 30ft and picks the ripest fruits.

San, based in Ko Yao Noi, a small island just east of Phuket, Thailand, said that he has been using Ai Thong “for over 30 years.”

San, who is a native to the island, harvest’s other’s coconuts solely with the help of his primate friend.

The duo ride to work on his motorbike every day, with San saying Ai Thong "loves it".

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Bang San claims to be one of only three people on Ko Yao Noi who use monkeys to pick coconuts.

When fetching the fruit, San keeps Ai Thong on a long leash.

According to San, the duo can get “up to 1,000 coconuts a day.”

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The majority of their jobs require San to transport the coconuts to a restaurant, a Thai-style sweets producer or a coconut-milk maker at Ko Yao Noi’s market.

For all of his hard work, Ai Thong is compensated in the form of sweet buns from 7-Eleven.

Bang San is one of the handful of people on the island who continue to use monkeys to gather coconuts.

Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have been using coconut-picking monkeys since the 1800s or even earlier.

But with life in Thailand becoming more modern, fewer people reply on coconut trees and islanders are more likely to buy coconut milk in the form of UHT containers from a store.

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But with the rise in popularity of coconut based products around the world some news outlets have reported allegations of animal cruelty.

In 2015 the MailOnline reported how monkeys were being abducted as babies and sent to "schools" were they were taught how to pick as many as 1,000 coconuts a day.

The monkeys are chained up 24 hours a day which causes "serious psychological damage."

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