Guilty dog caught on CCTV causing £4,000 worth of damage whilst owners were out

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A guilty dog has been caught red-pawed on a security camera causing £4,000 worth of damage to a home whilst its owners were out.

Whisky, a young Labradane – a cross between a Labrador and a Great Dane – was spotted turning the cold kitchen tap on.

The water ended up flooding the house leaving Whisky's owners a very unpleasant surprise when they returned home.

Insurance company Aviva has said naughty pooches actually create around 800 accidental damage claims in the UK every year, valued on average at £1,100 each.

Another hilarious claim involved an owner cleaning out her fish tank and having buckets of water on the floor.

Her laptop was plugged in charging nearby on the arm of a chair. The dog ran past, caught the charging cable and pulled the laptop into a bucket.

A third incident involved a man decorating his landing area. His dog knocked over a stepladder, spilling a two-litre pot of paint down the stairs.

Aviva also dealt with a claim after a dog refused to get into a car. The owner was going to a meeting and put his laptop on top of the vehicle while he put the dog inside. He then drove off with the laptop still on the car roof.

One owner’s dog got excited when he saw another dog on TV. He jumped up at the screen and knocked the set off its stand.

Other incidents have involved a dog knocking over a bucket of bleach while a woman was cleaning, an antique barometer being knocked off a wall and a dog knocking a pot of paint off a windowsill.

Kelly Whittington, UK property claims director for Aviva said: “Dogs are beloved members of millions of UK homes. They get involved in all aspects of family life – and our possessions are sometimes on the receiving end.

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“Most home insurance policies have exclusions for damage caused by chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling by domestic animals, so we’d urge customers to check their cover.

“But as our records show, there are plenty of dog-related incidents where home insurance – and particularly accidental damage cover – can come to the rescue.

“Accidental damage cover is a useful addition to home contents insurance, in case of unexpected breakages and spills in the home. If customers would like to make sure they have the best cover for their needs, we’d urge them to speak to their insurer or broker.”

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