Harry and Charles ‘worlds apart’ and ‘may never heal rift’ after Oprah interview

Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles are now "worlds apart" may never be able to resolve their differences, according to royal commentators.

In a new Channel 5 documentary, Charles & Harry: Father & Son Divided, the growing rift between the pair is probed.

Comparisons are drawn between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Oprah interview and Prince Charles’ 1994 one-to-one with journalist Jonathan Dimbleby – in which he talked candidly about the breakdown of his marriage with Princess Diana and admitted being unfaithful.

It would be tough for Charles to judge his son for talking to the press about his personal life when he had done the same, according to some royal commentators.

Analysing his behaviour, royal author Tom Quinn said: "In the back of his mind, there would have been a certain amount of guilt because it would have brought up memories of his own attempt, way back in 1994, to get the media on his side."

The documentary states that Charles’ interview "stunned the world", but Harry’s might have gone a "step further and hurt those closest to him".

Tom said: "There is no doubt the gulf between Charles and Harry has widened considerably, I mean if they are not careful it will be very difficult to bridge that divide in the future

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"I can’t see how they can fix it," he added.

Grant Howard, the former butler of Charles, said: "The damage is done and that makes me sad because the relationship I knew, which was a loving, caring, fun relationship, can never be like that again."

Similarly, Anjula Mutanda, a relationship psychologist interviewed for the documentary, said Harry’s issues with his father may be complex and deep-rooted.

She said: "Emotionally they seem worlds apart and I think it’s going to take a lot of work from both of them to try and find common ground where they can communicate as father and son, but what I saw from Harry was a lot of deep-rooted pain that may go back quite a long away."

This comes after Harry talked about parenting and said he wanted to "break the cycle" with Archie after "suffering" during his own childhood.

Charles & Harry: Father & Son Divided airs on Channel 5 on Saturday May 15 at 9pm – 10:30pm

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