Harry and William’s ‘body signals’ show friendship breakdown, claims expert

Royal brothers Prince Harry and William were close when they were growing up and then into adulthood.

This was easily seen by how they were the best men at each other's weddings, in 2011 and 2018, to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

The pair also shared a tragedy when they lost their mother, Princess Diana, following a car crash in 1997.

However, an expert has claimed their friendship began to breakdown after the Duke of Sussex moved across the Atlantic with his wife Meghan in March 2020.

Following the move to the US, the brothers have rarely been able to see each other face-to-face due to the distance, as well as the Covid pandemic, writes The Express.

Prince Harry has returned to the UK twice in almost two years, first for Prince Philip's funeral in April 2021 and later in July last year to unveil a statue of Princess Diana alongside William.

A body language expert says there were "secret signals" between the two brothers which showed the "breakdown" in their sibling friendship.

Judi James claims the hidden signals hinted at a tense relationship between the pair.

She said: “There were many secret signals that exposed the breakdown between the two royal brothers.

“For instance, the way their shared fun as children produced postural echo combined with two very contrasting smiles.

“For William and Harry, this body language showed the ideal blend of two different characters combined in friendship and like-minded thinking.

“When we look at their poses at Harry’s wedding, we are seeing a much more conscious-looking trait of twinning.

“They are using eye contact and their similar facial expressions suggest deliberate mimicry."

She went on to explain the social 'effort' may be due to feeling the need to 'cover for a lack of bonding'.

Ms James referenced a photo where Harry and William mirror each other alongside Kate, where their hand waves and eyes focus on the same spot.

But she adds later poses show Kate and William acting as a duo and Harry not part of the 'group'.

The brothers tried to show brotherly warmth at Diana's memorial, she claims, where the royals were seen mirroring each other when out of sight, suggesting a closeness they once enjoyed.

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