Haunting final selfie of three storm chasers who died hunting a tornado

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Three US storm chasers died in an horrific car wreck on Friday after following the course of a hugely destructive tornado.

Nicholas Nair, Gavin Short and Drake Brook, were killed when they lost control of their car in treacherous conditions about 85 miles north of Oklahoma City.

A haunting final selfie, uploaded shortly before the crash, shows the trio in the vehicle.

The three meteorology students from The University of Oklahoma had been following a tornado that tore through Kansas, destroying hundreds of homes.

There were no casualties reported from the tornado itself but the three men – aged between 19 and 22 – lost their lives after the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan briefly aquaplaned on the wet road, finally coming to a halt in front of oncoming traffic where it was struck by a lorry.

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It took over five hours for Tonkawa Fire Department officials and paramedics to remove the victims’ bodies from the wreckage.

The driver of the truck that collided with the students’ car was treated for minor injuries and has now been released from a hospital.

Fellow-student Leigh O’Neil said the selfie they had shared summed up the characters of the funniest people she had ever met.

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"You couldn't be around them without laughing your ass off," O’Neil said, adding “they truly would do anything to help others out, even before their own well being

"They are already missed greatly. Their loss is insanely painful for us all."

Gavin Short’s younger brother Evan, 17, said he he was at his happiest at Oklahoma University, and "lived more in his one-and-a-half years at OU than in his first 18 years of life."

"I can find solace in the idea that now he can live among the clouds which he loved so much," he added.

The storm the three young men were tracking had caused much more damage than expected, with Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell saying that some homes in the area “were completely blown away.”

Search and rescue operations continued through the weekend with more than 200 emergency services workers picking through the wreckage.

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