‘He only thinks about the EU!’ Frexiteer’s huge fears for France if Macron wins election

French election: Macron faces 12 contenders as race begins

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Emmanuel Macron is seeking a second term in power but is being hotly pursued by fierce political rival Marine Le Pen. The National Rally leader is closing the gap on Mr Macron in the race to become president, according to the latest election voting intention polls. But Mr Macron is still being hotly-tipped to triumph – despite a heavily delayed election campaign as he looked to take a central role for the European Union in brokering a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

He is often seen as the mouthpiece for the EU – particularly since former German Chancellor and Brussels figurehead Angela Merkel stepped down from her role at the end of last year.

But one leading Frexiteer has admitted to huge fears for France if Mr Macron wins another term as president.

When asked what France has learnt from Mr Macron’s current term in office, Generation Frexit President Charles-Henri Gallois told Express.co.uk: “Regarding sovereignty, it’s a total disaster. He keeps on transferring powers to the EU.

“He has not solved any issues with purchasing power issues and a massive debt due to his Covid policies. France is for sure worse than it was five years ago.”

Mr Gallois further warned: “I’m worried about the next five years.

“Macron will continue anti-social policies such as a pension reform until 65 years old as it’s asked by the EU.

“He will try to push for an EU army and may sell off French nuclear weapons and the UN Security Council seat to the EU.

“It would be high treason but he might do it as he is a eurofanatic. He does not think about France but about EU.”

The Generation Frexit President argued France would become further tied to EU control for many years to come if Macron does indeed win the election.

The leading Frexiteer claimed France would suffer inflation over a much longer period of time compared to those nations outside the Eurozone, which would have a knock-on effect for “purchasing power”.

French inflation soared to a record in March, according to preliminary EU-harmonised data – jumping 1.6 percent in the month and reaching a 12-month figure of 5.1 percent that was up significantly from 4.2 percent in February.

That was the highest since INSEE began using EU methodology to calculate inflation in 1997.

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When asked if an election win for Mr Macron would see France “shackled to EU rules and control for years” and what the impact could be, Mr Gallois replied: “We will suffer from inflation longer than the countries out of the eurozone. It’s a huge problem for purchasing power.

The European Central Bank has a mad monetary policy but it’s a complete dilemma. There are two options.

“The first is they keep on printing euros and the inflation will continue stronger. There will be economic and social protests everywhere.

“Secondly, they stop this policy and the interest rates will surge in the periphery.

“The eurozone will explode as the Southern countries won’t be able to assume these rates with the post Covid debt levels.”

Mr Macron is now looking set for a much tighter tussle with Ms Le Pen in the second round of the French election, thanks largely to heavy influence from far-left voters.

The French President is expected to lead the first round of the elections on April 10, with 28 percent of the vote versus 20 percent for his National Rally rival.

But according to a poll published by ELABE for BFM TV and L’Express, 39 percent of members of the left-wing party Ensemble would vote for Ms Le Pen.

Supporters of Jean-Luc Melenchon, also on the left, would vote for Le Pen by 31 percent against 28 percent for Mr Macron.

The poll quizzed a sample of 1,531 people representative of adult residents of mainland France, including 1,416 registered on the electoral lists, from March 28-30.

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