‘He wanted to stop Brexit!’ Barnier sparks Farage fury over demands ‘to take back control’

Michel Barnier 'did his utmost to stop Brexit' says Farage

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Nigel Farage ripped into his former EU rival Michel Barnier, who recently vowed to take back control of French sovereignty. The former Brussels negotiator is running to be French president for the centre-right Republicains party. Mr Farage was left raging over the Frenchman’s sudden change of heart, as he explained to GB News viewers that Mr Barnier was the “man that did his utmost to stop Brexit”.

The former MEP and current GB News host said: “I have never had much regard for European politicians but I have always said that Michel Barnier was unfailingly polite.

“But, he was always the high priest of the European Union, of the European project.

“He kept repeating time and again: ‘Even Farage can’t say that there was any benefit to Britain leaving the European Union’.

“Well, I’d say to him it was freedom, democracy, the ability to make our own law – all of which he thought was valueless.”

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Mr Farage continued: “Well, Barnier is now throwing his hat in the run for the French presidency and he is making some comments about immigration.”

In a speech to supporters on Wednesday, Mr Barnier said: “We must regain our legal sovereignty so that we are no longer subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.

“We will propose a referendum in September on the issue of immigration.”

This comes after Mr Barnier spent the Brexit negotiations calling for the European Court of Justice to continue to hold power over the UK.

Farage blasts Barnier saying 'he told me I was small-minded!'

The stunned Brexiteer reacted: “Can you believe it?

“Barnier, the man that did his utmost to stop Brexit, the man who stands rigid to attention when the EU anthem is played, now talks about the restoration of French sovereignty from French courts.

“You really could not make it up!”


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Also during his speech at his Republicains rally, Mr Barnier pushed for greater French power in Europe to counter Germany.

He said: “We have to rebuild the French influence. It is necessary to rebalance vis-à-vis the German influence which dominates.”

Despite his Brexiteer-like turn, Mr Barnier remains a long shot for the French presidency.

The latest polls show Mr Barnier lags behind incumbent Emmanuel Macron and the National Rally’s Marine Le Pen.

Mr Barnier holds just 13 percent support, compared to Mr Macron’s 25 percent support and Ms Le Pen’s 22 percent.

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