Headquarters Bar: Boss, Leo Molloy will only serve customers with vaccination passport

Outspoken Auckland businessman Leo Molloy has declared his bar Headquarters on Auckland’s viaduct basin is a location of interest due to arecent positive Covid-19 case.

An email obtained by the Herald from a Health protection officer identified a party-goer who was at Headquarters on August 14 from 11.30 to 1.30am, Molloy confirmed there were 30 staff members working that evening. All their dates of birth and contact details have been supplied to the Hauora.

“They tried emailing me this morning but they had the incorrect details but they managed to track me down on my mobile. The incident happened 10 days ago and we have been co-operating with them fully. They tell me they are going to give a push about people scanning in and the Bluetooth for anyone who was here that night.”

Molloy wasn’t too upset about his bar being identified, he told the Herald another bar in the viaduct was also a location of interest.

According to Molloy, Headquarters has a sophisticated surveillance system that was installed during last year’s lockdown.

“The surveillance system is mounted at eye height. You can’t get in or out of the building without full facial recognition. It takes out the guesswork factor when people are pretending they are not there.”

Last year in May, Molloy made national headlines when he made plans to host a “dummy run”party with 100 of his best friends when the country was preparing to move to alert level 2.

His colourful list of guests included former All Blacks coach Sir Graham Henry, Destiny Church’s Brian and Hannah Tamaki, former National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett and band members from True Bliss.

There were strict rules for partygoers who had to stand 1m apart and there was “no pashing” allowed.

Molloy, who has had both vaccinations is a “believer.” He wants everyone to be vaccinated but has concerns the vaccination technology and rollout are too slow.

“We have to keep up otherwise the vaccinations will be redundant before too long.”

Molloy says when his bar reopens he will only serve punters with vaccination passports.

“We want to see if there is an appetite in the market for a locally imposed rule. It’s not mandatory for everyone to be vaccinated so if we are in a lockdown for another four weeks, I am hoping a lot of young people will have taken this as a ‘wake up” call. It’s a reminder to people to scan in and not be complacent and the anti-vaxxers to stop reading the bullshit on the internet.

“I hope that the hospitality industry, churches, and other places where people gather will make it enforceable that everyone is vaccinated. We’ve seen how contagious and dangerous this virus is. Delta is an aerosol exchange, you only have to look at the churches in South Auckland. The people congregate, doors are closed, people hug each other and sing their hearts out.”

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