Health watchdog wants work cakes banned – and for once we agree with scathing PM

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    Brits have scoffed at a health watchdog’s advice to ban cakes at work.

    Professor Susan Jebb, chair of the Food Standards Agency, compared having them in an office with passive smoking.

    She wants the treats stopped as she reckons it will help to tackle the obesity epidemic.

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    But even No.10 has found her guidance hard to stomach.

    The food chief – who was speaking in a personal capacity – moaned she has to eat cakes because colleagues keep bringing them into work.

    Prof Jebb said “extraordinary efforts” of willpower were not enough to stop us overeating.

    But her advice was slated – with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak among those knocking back her idea.

    His spokesman said: “We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and are taking action to tackle obesity, which has cost the NHS £6billion annually.

    “However, the way to deal with this issue is not to stop people from occasionally bringing in treats for their co-workers.”

    Others were quick to call any cake ban half-baked.

    James McGoldrick, from online cake firm Bradford’s Bakers, told us: “Bringing cakes into the office as a treat is a very social occasion which brings people together.”

    And Paz Sarmah, of Bad Brownie said: “Wildly exaggerated statements such as this run the risk of seriously harming small businesses.”

    Meanwhile Clarissa Bloom, a dating and relationship expert, said if people in offices wanted to resist the temptation of eating cake they could simply time their lunch break or ask not to be offered it.

    She also said it is important for people’s mental health to have cake on offer during birthday celebrations.

    She said: “Health involves mental wellbeing as well as physical and to ban celebratory foods would be shortsighted.”


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