Heartless TikTok mum dances with daughter weeks before she was beaten to death

An abusive mum made a series of lighthearted dance videos with her three-year-old daughter weeks before she was beaten to death after interrupting her having sex with her boyfriend.

In one TikTok clip, innocent Kaylee-Jayde appears to be shyly looking towards the lens while her mum Nicola Priest moves her daughter's head around and encourages her to bop to the music.

The 23-year-old mum sashays her own hips and pulls at her hair as the pair dance together in front of the camera at their home in Solihull, West Midlands.

In another clip, the mum waves her daughter's arms around to the music and smiles.

Just three weeks later, on August 9 last year, she was found dead on a filthy mattress after a "sustained and ferocious assault" either by Priest or her boyfriend, 22-year-old Callum Redfern, the night before.

The defenceless tot's ribs were broken and one rib had punctured her lung.

Jurors were told it was likely Kaylee-Jayde had interrupted her mum and Redfern having sex and was then brutally assaulted.

Priest and Redfern tried to pin the blame on each other and, in the end, both were found guilty of manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court.

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Tests on Kaylee-Jayde's body revealed other partially-healed fractures to her sternum, ribs and jaw, which showed it was not the first time she’d been subjected to serious violence.

None of the injuries had been reported to a doctor or been medically treated and neither Priest nor Redfern were able to explain how these injuries occurred.

Priest and Redfern, from Temple Street in Dudley, both denied murder and manslaughter and, following a six-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, a jury found them guilty of manslaughter and cleared them of murder.

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The twisted mum was also convicted of child neglect in relation to Kaylee-Jayde’s past injuries.

Priest was jailed for 15 years and Redfern for 14 years on August 6.

After her daughter's death, Priest continued to make TikTok videos and cried in one while mouthing along to lyrics that apologise for "messing up bad".

The mum captioned a video: "I love you so much darling mommy will never forget you ever!!! Rip angel."

Heartbroken grandmother Debbie Windmill said: "Everybody deserves the gift of life.

"Kaylee-Jayde deserved to show the world who she could have been and what greatness she could have brought to this world.

"Nanny will forever hold you in her heart."

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