Heroic dog owner battles gigantic anaconda to save beloved pooch – and wins

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A heroic man has been filmed wrestling with a huge anaconda in a desperate battle to free his dog from its deadly clutches.

The giant reptile – one of the largest snake species which can grow on average to 15ft in length – attacked Carlinhos Brasil’s pooch Lion as he went to drink water from a puddle.

Dramatic footage taken near the Brazilian state of Sao Paolo captures Carlinhos hitting the snake on the head with a stick in the hope it releases his dog.

Incredibly, his brave efforts pay off as the anaconda finally releases the pooch after several minutes.

“The anaconda grabbed him in the Nova Alianca neighbourhood,” Carlinhos recalled to local media. “He went to drink water at a shallow pool there.

“I hit the anaconda so it would release him. The guys said 'oh, if only I had a knife…'

“No. It's a wild animal, it was hungry. Lion was there drinking water and it grabbed him."

But the battle to save Lion was not over even when he was released. The poor dog was left unconscious after being strangled by the reptile.

For 40 minutes, Carlinhos gave him a cardiac massage until eventually he came back around.

“I thought I'd lost my dog, but thank God he's here,” he added.

The dog owner revealed that Lion only had a few wounds on his neck, ear and muzzle after the attack on July 31.

He took him to a veterinarian, who gave the pooch a checkup and found him to be in good health.

There are four species of anaconda, and it is likely the one in question was a yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) or green anaconda (Eunectes murinus).

The latter is the heaviest and one of the longest known extant snake species. Its mean length is 4.6 metres (15.1 ft).

And, while dog owners need not worry about anacondas over in the UK, there are venomous snakes that can cause harm.

Last year, a pooch was bitten by an adder – which meant it may have to get its leg amputated.

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