Heroic man rescues two toddlers from burning car seconds before it explodes

A brave motorist heroically pulled two toddlers from a vehicle which was caught on camera erupting into flames.

Sam Heiler, from Arizona, US, was driving to a weekend getaway with his wife Melissa when they spotted a car on fire in Navajo County.

The 30-year-old decided to pull over after seeing flames from a car, which was carrying a family of four.

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The parents got out of their front seats and shut their doors, which instantly locked their two toddlers in the backseat.

Sam said the girls' parents were panicked when they were unable to open the door as the fire started to spread — so he jumped in to help.

He told Fox News: "The parents were freaking out, screaming and punching the windows with their bare hands, both the back windows in front of the babies."

Sam launched a rock through the front window, breaking the glass to open the doors from the inside and safely rescue the toddlers just seconds before it turned into a fireball.

Melisa said: "Dad followed suit, but from the panic, attempted to throw rocks at the back windows where the girls would have been covered with glass and a heavy rock had it broken through.

"All the while, the flames had now spread to completely covering the front hood of the car, and the two- and three-year-old are screaming."

Once the doors were open, Sam helped unbuckle the kids from their seatbelts and pull them out of the vehicle with just seconds to go and brought them up to where the couple pulled over.

Sam revealed: "They had about 20 more seconds until the fire spread from the engine block to the cab.

"The girls were screaming, the parents were screaming, my wife was screaming—it was bad. When the fire hit the fuel tank it made a legitimate fireball explosion."

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Melissa Heiler revealed her husband was going to keep driving after seeing the car pull over.

However, in that moment he decided to stop and it saved their lives as she added: "But, in that same instant, something came over him, and he felt like he had to stop and see if he could help."

The area had no mobile phone service but Sam was able to flag down another driver using a glow stick he keeps in his car.

He asked them to call 911 when they gained signal, which wasn't until 25 miles up the road.

Police and firefighters arrived at the scene but the fire continued to catch fire until an hour later, when it was safely put out.#


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