Highest number of daily coronavirus infections in UK for two months

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The UK has seen its highest daily number of new coronavirus infections in more than two months.

A total of 1,441 new cases were recorded over the past 24 hours, more than four times the figure seen at the start of July.

The number is also a sizeable increase on the number recorded in the middle of the week – where 1,009 cases were recorded on Wednesday, while 1,129 were recorded on Thursday.

There have been 316,367 confirmed cases of the killer virus in the UK to date – while over 41,000 deaths have been connected to the disease.

While 56,800 deaths registered in the UK have had Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate.

Friday saw an increase of nine in COVID-19 related hospital deaths.

While infection rates have been increasing, the number of deaths relating to the virus have not spiked in the same fashion.

The increase in infections, however, will fuel concerns of a second wave.

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On Thursday, reports revealed a sandwich factory in Northampton had recorded almost 300 positive test results for coronavirus.

The positive test results lead to concerns a local lockdown will be reuqired.

While parts of the UK including Aberdeen and Greater Manchester have seen local lockdowns enforced following increases in infection rates.

Summer holidays have been thrown in to chaos for the 2020 season as air bridges between the UK and parts of Europe have been revoked over second wave fears.

Last month, the air bridge between the UK and Spain collapsed after infection rates in the European country spiraled upwards.

While air bridges with France, Malta and The Netherlands will be revoked from 4am tomorrow following spikes in cases.

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