Horrified TikToker shares what happens ‘if they spend too long at the toilet’

A man has horrified the internet by showing an avalanche of millipedes crawling out from underneath the toilet as he stands next to the bowl.

In a video watched 16 million times, TikTok user @generationxer shows a point of view shot of what happens "when you take too long".

Thousands of the creepy crawlies slither out from under the porcelain and crawl all over his bare feet – which makes even the thought of going for a wee the stuff of nightmares for many viewers.

One viewer confessed they were "shaking, crying, throwing up" and many shared the sentiment.

"What country do you live in so I can remove it from my travel list?" asked a second.

A third commented: "First I was thinking about how the toilet is square and then a whole new problem appeared."

Sounding appalled, someone else wrote: "You just let them VIOLATE YOU."

"And with no SHOES," added a freaked-out TikToker.

In another clip, the tourist shows the outside of the home where more of the critters are scaling the walls and birds are eyeing them up as a potential snack.

He explains: "These are thousands if not millions of millipedes that seem to have been awoken by the recent rainfall.

"So these millipedes have found their way into this holiday rental – any crack into the home and they will have found it as you've seen in the previous videos."

The video was recorded in Australia's picturesque Yorke Peninsula on the southern coast near the city of Adelaide and it was enough to put off many people from visiting the beauty spot.

It's likely the critters were black Portuguese millipedes, an introduced species now regarded as a pest in Australia.

They congregate in large numbers and are very active after the Autumn rains which is when the video was filmed.

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