Horror as Russian-made rocket lands in neighbouring nation

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Moldovan border police have discovered a rocket on their territory near the border to Ukraine.

Ministerul Afacerilor Interne (MAI), the country’s internal ministry, said officials found a rocket near Briceni town, which sits on Ukraine’s southern border.

In a statement, the ministry said the discovery followed the missile assault conducted by Russia.

The statement said: “A short time ago, near the city of Briceni, in an orchard, a rocket was discovered.

“The explosive object was discovered by a border police patrol, which, due to today’s Russian bombings, have intensified their attention.

“In accordance with MAI action plans, the border police intensified patrols and raised the level of attention in the area of Briceni and Ocni ctora Inspectorates.

“At this moment, the area where the rocket was discovered has been isolated by police patrol and border police.

“The specialized services of home ministry, Bombteh and IGSU are expected on site.”

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