Horror dashcam shows pregnant mum rolling 30ft off slope with child inside car

A family including a pregnant woman has luckily survived after crashing their car off a mountain road and tumbling 30ft off a slope.

Dashcam footage emerged capturing the moment when the car skids off a right bend and hits the concrete pillars before rolling downhill.

It's reported that a pregnant woman was practising her driving with her husband and their daughter along an empty mountain road in Changning, Yunnan province in southwest China last Tuesday.

In the footage, the SUV approaches a right bend, the woman fails to anticipate the angle of the turn and appears to be going too fast to brake in time.

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As her husband exclaims in the front passenger seat, the vehicle crashes off the road and begins rolling sideways down the slope.

The couple's daughter can be heard crying in the distressing video as the vehicle crashes to a stop against a tree following a fall of more than 10 metres (30 feet).

Officers at Datianba Police Station responded to the incident and pulled the family to safety.

None of the vehicle's occupants was seriously injured. The mother's unborn child was apparently also unharmed.

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The pregnant mother had acquired her driving licence five months ago, but she rarely drove due to her being pregnant, the police said.

The authorities added that the mum wanted to practise her driving, and asked her husband to let her drive on the mountain road which had very little other traffic.

An investigation into the accident was still ongoing at the time of writing.

The couple's names were not given.

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