Hospital accidentally gives patients toilet water to drink for nearly 30 years

A hospital has accidentally been giving patients and staff toilet water to drink for nearly 30 years, it has emerged.

Some of the tap water pipes at Osaka University’s Hospital in Japan were implemented incorrectly, which meant that the drinking water pipes were connected to the loo, Yomiuri Shimbun reports.

The issue has been occurring since the hospital opened in 1993, with 120 taps being deemed faulty.

It was reported that employees and patients would drink, wash and gargle the bog water.

The problem was discovered during an inspection when the hospital began to build a new diagnosis and treatment wing.

Reports say that the hospital checks the colour, taste and smell once a week and there have been no issues reported since 2014.

The university is investigating the matter further but claims that no health hazards have been confirmed.

Kazuhiko Nakatani, the University’s Director and Vice President, has apologised nonetheless.

He said: "I am very sorry that the university hospital that provides advanced medical care has caused anxiety."

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Nakatani added that there are 105 buildings in the university that use simply treated well water and that they will check the connection of their water pipes.

In other news, a cleaner in China drinks water from the toilet to prove that she’s good at her job.

The dedicated worker claimed she wanted to motivate employees in other departments to do their job to "perfection" as she performed the water quality check.

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