How YOU can help Afghan refugees from the UK

Taliban 'hunting' down Afghans who worked with Nato and US forces

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A wave of Afghans fleeing persecution from the Taliban are expected to seek asylum in countries across the world. Many governments worldwide are stepping up their efforts to take in as many Afghan refugees as possible. Since the start of this year alone, 550,000 Afghans were forced to leave their homes due to fighting across the country, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Now as the Taliban takes back control, many Afghans fear for their lives.

Women, children, journalists and those who worked for the US and UK are at risk from Taliban retaliation.

Many fear a return to oppressive Sharia Law under the Taliban.

The UK has already pledged to take in up to 20,000 refugees over the next few years, but many Brits might be looking to find out how they can help personally.

How can you help Afghan refugees?

Support charities

There are a number of registered charities that work to help refugees, through medical assistance, education and resettlement.

It’s important to check a charity is legitimate before you pledge your support or offer donations.

Sadly there are concerns fake charities may be set up to take advantage of the crisis.

Here is a list of some certified charities you can donate to that help refugees:

  • The UN Relief Agency
  • UN Refugee Agency
  • Refugee Council
  • Refugee Action
  • British Red Cross
  • Oxfam
  • Save the Children
  • World Food Programme

Offer work

Many refugees will be jobless if they arrive in the UK – so if you are an employer you might be able to help.

UK organisations will be able to employ refugees resettled by the Government, as well as people granted humanitarian protection status.

They will have the same right to work and to claim benefits as Brits born in the UK.

Protest the Nationality and Borders Bill

Last month the Government passed the Nationality and Borders Bill.

This tightens rules around refugees entering the country.

For example, prison spells will increase from six months to four years for those who enter the UK “without permission”.

While Home Secretary Priti Patel said the bill was needed to stop migrants pretending to be refugees from entering the country, many have condemned the decision.

MPs and campaigners have said it could affect thousands who need help, including those who are fleeing war and persecution.

The Refugee Council said around 9,000 who would’ve been accepted as refugees under the current rules, wouldn’t be able to seek safety in the UK if the new bill is brought in.


Many agencies need volunteers to help them deliver relief to refugees.

Volunteers are needed to help operations in the UK and abroad.

The Refugee Council, British Red Cross and Refugee Action, are just some of the charities in need of extra volunteers, due to the Afghan refugee crisis.

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