Hundred-year-old message in bottle found under toppled Queen Victoria statue

A message that dates back over one hundred years has been found under a statue of Queen Victoria in Canada that was knocked down by protestors last year.

The message which dates back to 1921 has been uncovered under a statue of Queen Victoria – complaining about the lack of alcohol during prohibition.

Workers pulled out the bottle from the base of the statue as they dug up the ground underneath the fallen statue in Manitoba, Canada.

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The letter which was dated 30 July, 1921 was reportedly meant as an apology for being unable to place a bottle of brandy underneath the staue due to the Prohibition laws at the time.

In the United States, it was prohibited to produce, import or sell alcohol between 1920 and 1933. The law was also the same in Canada.

The message reads: 'On account of the Prohibition, we are unable to adhere to the custom of depositing a bottle of brandy under the stone, for which we are extremely sorry,' said Reg Helwer, the minister responsible for government services, reported CBC.

The message had been signed by a stonecutter, workers and a bureaucrat who was the province’s deputy minister of public works at the time.

The statue had been knocked down and the head was thrown in the Assiniboine River by protestors during a rally over indigenous children's graves last year.

Mr Helwer said it's not the first time a piece of Manitoba history has been unearthed.

"Apparently there are things of that nature around the legislature. As we move stones, we do discover things like this," he said.

"To me, it's a very neat story, especially with the age of the building, just recently celebrating a hundred years not long ago."


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