Hundreds lining up to adopt adorable dog after he was ignored at adoption event

A dog that was heartbreakingly ignored during an adoption event now has hundreds of potential new owners lining up to give him a new home.

Bob – a three-year-old terrier – was shown being overlooked on a TikTok video as other dogs received all the attention at the Badass Animal Shelter Brooklyn in New York's Central Park at the weekend, the Daily Mirror reports.

The clip was uploaded by illustrator Andrea Caceras on her TikTok account PetArtByAndrea, with the accompanying caption reading: "POV: You are at an adoption event and all the adoptable dogs are getting attention except for… Bob."

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It quickly went viral with Bob's foster mum Julie Zeilinger confirming that a handful of people came up to interact with Bob but, because he is shy, he wasn't interested in the attention.

She revealed he's only been with the rescue centre for four months having arrived from Georgia and has just started to warm to the volunteers.

Ms Zeilinger added Bob wasn't popular at the event because it was his first time at an event with lots of people.

She told the Daily Mail: "He was very overwhelmed, and I think people sensed that and wanted to give him space. He is an incredibly sweet dog who just wants to love and be loved."

The video shows Bob waiting for a family to come over and play with him but the 10-pound terrier is left alone.

He can also be seen taking in his surroundings as he continues to be ignored before he plonks himself on the grass and gets petted on the head by a volunteer, who also looks around the park to see if anyone is interested in him.

But the event ends with Bob returning to the adoption centre without a new owner.

According to his foster mum, Bob needs a loving owner "with a lot of patience" as he is "very timid".

The rescue centre also believe that he would suit a family that lives in a quiet area.

Since being posted on TikTok on Sunday (October 30), the video has received more than 3.1million views along with thousands of comments of support for Bob.

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More than 400,000 users have liked the video and it has attracted more than 3,000 comments as dog lovers offered to take Bob, who has been neutered, off their hands.

One user wrote: "Come on people. Bob is clearly top-tier dog material!!'

A second commented added: "Awwww my poor heart can't take it. The way he's looking around like 'what about me'", while a third added: "If he doesn’t get adopted I will lose my absolute mind. We love Bob."

After the popularity of the video, a follow-up clip of Bob was posted on TikTok by Ms Zeilinger, who added that "a lot" of people have now applied to give him a new home.


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