Hundreds of dogs left to starve to death in cages due to Russian invasion

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Shocking video footage has emerged from Ukraine showing more than 300 dead dogs piled up at an animal shelter.

While the human tragedy of the Russian invasion into Ukraine is well told, it now appears that the actions of President Vladimir Putin's troops are being felt among Ukraine's animal population, too.

Posted on Twitter by Oleksandra Matviichuk, lawyer and head of Ukraine nonprofit Centre for Civil Liberties, the video has sparked outrage from all corners of the globe.

She posted the shocking video with the caption: “I have no words. Russians even killed dozens of dogs in Kyiv region. WHY??

“It’s a dog shelter in Borodyanka. These dogs died with a painful death of hunger and thirst during Russian occupation.”

While the Daily Star has been unable to verify which animal shelter it was, it is believed that it is located somewhere in the Borodyanka area, where the poor animals have been locked in cages since the day the invasion began on February 24.

According to the charity Uanimals, around 485 dogs were locked in cages around April 1 when volunteers first located it, but when they returned a few days later, only 150 of them were still alive.

Of those, 27 were in need of critical care and were sent to private clinics for treatment.

The charity has announced that they will give anyone willing to home any of the other dogs around £1,200 to do so, although the charity has kept some of the dogs themselves.

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On Twitter, one user wrote in response to the video: “Can barely take it anymore. I don’t know how you manage the grief, where to put it, how can we use it for good? For change?

“I’m just one person in U.S. outraged, sorrowful, want to DO something, anything but yet I feel paralysed and helpless to do anything meaningful.

“No words.”

Many asked if there was a way of donating money to the shelter, but no answer was given by Ms. Matviichuk.

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