‘I left my Mrs for blonde Ukrainian bombshell and recorded a rap song about it’

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A Brit father-of-two who left his ex-girlfriend for a Ukrainian blonde bombshell refugee has written a rap song about the whole ordeal.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, arrived at Tony and Lorna Garnett's household in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on May 4 after fleeing the city of Lviv, which was under attack from Putin's troops, after organising it for months with Tony.

Ten days later, Tony and the Ukrainian stunner had eloped – and now Tony has recorded a tell-all song about the whole thing.

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The 29-year-old security firm owner and amateur musician told the Daily Star: "It's my message direct to people. People can come and take the full story that’s direct from the soul."

The couple moved out of what is now Lorna's home and are now making plans to start a family, while Tony is also pursuing a new career in music.

The three-minute track uploaded to YouTube, called 'Ukraine to UK Rain', features Tony rapping over a beat in his Bradford accent.

The no-holes-barred lyrics give an insight into a relationship that has made headlines across the world.

Tony told us: "Russia is using us as propaganda to say that Ukrainian woman steal British men and I’ve got people contacting us from Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Canada, Brazil, saying that I’m the top read news in their country.

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"I released the song to explain my story and reveal the real truth about what has happened. I’m straight forward. If I have something to say, I will say it."

Tony added that the song was "rushed" and written in less than an hour, but said he will have more material coming soon.

"The next song I want to bring out is in relation to this war. Because what’s really cheesing me off is that because I’m with Sofiia I’m seeing everything that’s going on with the war.

"But the public, they haven’t got a clue what’s going on."

Tony said that the international interest seen at the start of the war had "blown over" and now wants to reinstate it with new music.

He said: "I’m thinking ‘if only you knew and understood’, because that could have been the UK at war with Russia.

"And if it was, would you be so calm and relaxed?"

His ex Lorna never married Tony but did take his surname via deed poll.

Sofiia, from Lviv, left behind her divorced parents, her stepfather and younger sister Elizabeth, 13, when she fled Ukraine via Poland and Germany.

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Tony first picked Sofiia up from Manchester Airport, which is around 50 miles from their Bradford home.

The first thing Tony did was take her to a drive-thru McDonald's for a Big Mac, and the pair hit it off within days, realising they had a connection.

Things started to go sour, Lorna says, when Sofiia began wearing "low cut tops and red lipstick" around the house. Tony said that Lorna's comment was "bulls***".

Sofiia and Tony have since moved out and are renting a property together in Bradford.


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