‘I tried to sell a pair of jeans on Facebook and my raunchy poses went viral’

An uber confident Italian stallion who put his old jeans up for sale on Facebook Marketplace has revealed a US bidder paid £100 for the jeans – but demanded they be dispatched unwashed.

Heartthrob Mario Graziano, originally from Milan but now living in Plymouth, has carved out a name for himself on the Facebook selling platform.

The amateur model, who Susanna Reid called an 'unlikely pinup' when he made a surprise appearance on Good Morning Britain, recently turned heads selling an old pair of jeans he bought in a charity shop.

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He put the stonewashed blue jeans on 'Let's flog it Cornwall' and quickly went viral, with Facebook users admiring his poses.

Asked if he was shocked by the 6,000 likes and counting, he told the Daily Star: "I was at first but I have always been an outgoing person and I have enjoyed all the attention I have received.

"I have been on two game shows and now have a big following from around the world. This has allowed me to sell my merchandise."

The merchandise in question is keychains, postcards, pens with pictures of Mario inside and gift bundles that he flogs on eBay.

A personalised 'Happy birthday love Mario' bag will set you back just £7.99, for example.

Inside, you get a pen, fridge magnet, a couple of pictures of the man himself and even a personalised birthday message.

Mario said he doesn't make a living from his merch, but he enjoys making it and always receives positive feedback from fans the world over.

"I get lots of messages everyday from people wanting to come on my Facebook," he said.

Mario, who would not reveal his age because he is "a private person", said he moved to the UK for his ex wife.

"I bought them in a charity shop and a guy in America bought them for£100 and he didn't want them washed," Mario said of the jeans.

He added: "I'm very happy, [he] pay postage as well."

Mario, whose exploits featured on a Good Morning Britain segment, said his new found fame started with one pair of jeans.

He told Plymouth Live: "Everything started with one pair of jeans, it was a beautiful pair of jeans I bought, like Strictly Come Dancing.

"I was wearing in the street and I was working, lots of people was looking at me with this pair of jeans and had a laugh.

"So I decided it was best way to put them in the wardrobe and keep them safely.

"One day I decided to put it on eBay and I had 1,000, 2,000 people watching it.

"That’s how I started my procedure on marketstore."

The expert seller his eye-catching poses are so he stands out amongst other sellers.


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