Incredibly rare tiger found dead after five days trapped in poacher’s snare

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An endangered tiger tragically died after an evil poacher caught it with a trap and left it for five days without water and a broken leg.

The Sumatran tiger was discovered dead on Sunday, October 17, after she got caught in a snare trap in Indonesia on Sumatra island near to a wildlife reserve.

The rare animal, aged between four and five years, was found near to Bukit Batu wildlife reserve in the Bengkalis district of Riau province, said Riau’s conservation agency on Monday.

Head of the conservation agency Fifin Arfiana Jogasara confirmed that the tiger had died from dehydration days after she was caught in the snare trap, which is believed to have been set by a poacher, reports ABC News.

It is reported that Sumatran tigers are one of the most endangered tiger subspecies due to poaching, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Conservationists claim that the pandemic has sparked an increase in the cruel act as locals search for new means of income.

In August, three Sumatran tigers, including two cubs, were found dead after being caught in traps in the Leuser Ecosystem Area, a region for tiger conservation in Aceh province.

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The month before, a female tiger was discovered dead with injuries that were caused by the snare trap.

Police also arrested four men in June after they reportedly trapped a tiger and sold its remains for 100 million rupiah (£5,007.92). It was reported just days after another tiger tragically died after it fed on a goat which was laced with rat poison.

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