Inside Brit street so haunted you have to sign waiver if you want to live there

A street on the outskirts of Bolton was once plagued by so much terrifying paranormal activity that residents had to sign a disclaimer form before moving in.

Wingates Grove in Westhoughton was said to be haunted by a malevolent spirit throughout the 1990s who had attached itself to a row of council houses, tormenting families for many years.

The spooky goings-on reportedly became so scary that Bolton Council had to intervene, Manchester Evening News reports.

After an exorcism was performed, all paranormal activity on the notorious street is now thought to have stopped.

Nevertheless, a resident was still forced to sign a waiver before moving into her home due to the ghostly events.

In 1993, a family started experiencing bizarre activity when their toddler would talk to a ‘little man’ in his room and an oil-type substance would run down the walls.

After an exorcism was carried out, the activity ceased.

But, just five years later in 1999, a flurry of supernatural activity would begin again – two doors down.

Laura was 12 years old when she moved into the property.

The now 34-year-old said she 'knew' something was wrong with the home as soon as the family arrived.

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Speaking to Manchester Evening News, she said: “I begged my mum not to move in.

“I just knew there was something there. It felt like I was walking into someone’s personal space.

“I didn’t want to walk through the door.”

The first supernatural occurrence Laura experienced in the home still terrifies her.

She and her older brother were running upstairs after playing a prank on a friend in the living room, and her brother let out a blood-curdling scream.

He had cut his foot open on a picture frame that was standing on the staircase – when just moments before, it had been hanging on the wall.

“If he stood on it, it would have slipped. It was like a force was holding it in place," Laura continued.

“That was one of the first scary things that happened.”

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Laura also recalled the time her brother’s girlfriend came round to stay.

She woke in the middle of the night to find her standing in her room, staring at her as she slept.

The following morning, she told her mother about the strange occurrence.

Her mother called her downstairs just 20 minutes later, where she found her brother’s girlfriend “looking at her weirdly”.

“She said I did the exact same thing to her,” she said.

“We got up at different times.”

Dozens of dead crows were once found scattered around the front and back garden, including along the alleyway at the side of the property.

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Laura said the sight traumatised her so badly she blocked it out of her mind – and that she still suffers with anxiety to this day after the events that happened on Wingates Grove.

Laura also recalled the time she heard an entity imitate her brother.

She heard the door open, a set of keys placed on the hook and footsteps into the kitchen.

When her brother still hadn’t come upstairs 20 minutes later, she thought he may have been making food.

But suddenly, her brother walked through the door.

Laura said: “As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw him. I asked him if he had just gone back out.

“He said he had literally just got home and his taxi was driving off.

“I ran downstairs and said someone was in the house. But no one was in the kitchen and the keys were still in the door."

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Laura eventually moved out of the home when she was 16.

She continued: “The last five months we lived there I slept in a bed with my mum and dad because I was that scared.

“That’s when things got really bad.

“I kept seeing people stood at the door. I fell asleep facing my wall because I was terrified of turning over."

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Caron Walton, who now lives in Laura's childhood home, says she has ’no problem’ with the property’s history – and actually enjoys its quirky past.

She purchased the home in 2006 and said she had to sign a disclaimer before she moved in, which specified she could not use a Ouja board or perform any black magic at the address.

She was also told she was not allowed to move into the home if she had young children.

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