Inside hi-tech sex doll factory that made owner a millionaire working from beach

They've made life-size OnlyFans stars, influencers, porn stars and even plan to create an x-rated Piers Morgan.

Now, Inferno Dolls, a worldwide industry leader in the manufacture and supply of lifelike dolls and toys, have given the Daily Star a glimpse behind the scenes in their factory in Shenzhen, southeastern China.

The company is headed by Ben Stroud, who works from a beach in Thailand while his 20-plus staff sculpt penises, porn star vaginas and the bodies of their rubber dolls, one of which costs around £5k to make by hand.

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"It takes about 30 days to make a doll by hand and costs a minimum of £5k, depending on extras like implanted hair or tattoos. Then shipping from the factory in China can cost a lot, too," Ben said.

Stroud said one man recently bought a doll of porn star Thor Johnson with "extra hair on its back and bum" but then decided the goods were too heavy after a couple of days of use.

He said: "We had a guy this week who ordered one of our most popular dolls Thor Johnson but wanted it extra hairy, he wanted extra hair on the back, legs, bum, you name it he wanted hair on it.

"He loved the photos of what we created for him, then two days after receiving his personalised doll he complained it was too heavy.

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"He knew they are the weight of a human. However, he complains to Paypal and they rule he deserves a refund."

Ben said he is now fighting back against the customers who are using bad faith to ruin the system and creating a blacklist of their names.

But he admitted that it's not all bad, because his income "is well into seven figures" and he splits his work day between his "office" on the beach or his friend's beach club on the beautiful island of Ko Samui.

"Yeah, things have been worse," he told The Star. Asked what his favourite thing about his job is, Ben – who traded used pallets when he lived in the UK – said: "Very simple answer, the money!"

But not all of Ben's business is in Asia. "We have a warehouse in Derby to sanitise the rental dolls," he tells us, of the eyebrow-raising option to loan a sex doll, complete with orifices.

"We also store the dolls here for when we sell to franchises around the world. We show them how to store and clean properly as part of the purchase."

Recently, Inferno gave the public the choice between seeing Morgan, Gordon Ramsay or Joe Rogan in sex doll form.

Piers Morgan shot into an early lead but Ramsay soon took over, with five days remaining. A resurgence from Piers saw him crowned the winner with 53.4 percent of the votes.

Scottish chef Ramsay finished in second place with 30.1 percent of the votes, with US media personality Rogan gaining the least votes, at 16.4 percent.

Morgan hasn't commented on the win, but he caught wind of the poll last week and quote tweeted the Daily Star story, writing simply 'WTF?'.

Explaining his reasons behind the bizarre poll, Ben told the Daily Star on June 11: "Joe Rogan has the world's biggest podcast and the UFC, versus the arrogance of Piers Morgan and the world's most arrogant chef, Ramsay. Let them battle on social media!

"I have sold bespoke human sized elf dolls, fat dolls, hairy dolls, everything you can think of… so I won't be surprised if people are interested."


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