Inside nudist island where only soldiers wear clothes but beach sex is banned

A French island consists almost entirely of holidaymakers flouting around in the nude and an army base firing missiles.

For over 70 years, a sharp barbed-wire fence has separated the French military from everyone else on the Ile du Levant who prefer birthday suits to camouflage uniform.

Naked sunseekers on the small island about nine miles from the French Mediterranean coast have so much freedom that even restaurants and shops allow it all to hang out.

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Hilariously, dotted along the relaxing naturist paradise are stern signs reading “Military zone. Do not enter”, Deutsche Welle reports.

Nudist haven Heliopolis was founded in 1932 and is now the home to 250 property owners who head to the island for a summer without ever having to cover up – sun lotion sales must go through the roof.

Guido, 71, heads to the island for six months every year where he waltzes around with his todger out, even when the army let their weapons rip each Tuesday.

He said: “We have almost nothing to do with the military,” but added “a bit of noise" is “always on Tuesdays”.

The Swiss pensioner says he and his wife Sylvia “live in freedom without clothes” and have done on the island since 1990, often with their three children and now two grandchildren, aged 11 and nine.

He explained being naked as a family unit “simply isn’t a big deal,” although “mainly the men” in the family have refused to visit.

For all the private parts swinging about in full view, public sex is strictly banned on the island even if nudity is the rule on beaches, the hiking trail, and permitted in certain restaurants and shops.

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Not only are clothes scarce on Ile du Levant but modern technology is too, with cars and electricity only introduced in 1989.

Dental assistant Delphine, 57, who stays on the island with her partner Francois, said: “Actually, it’s funny, but when you don’t have clothes on, you don’t look at each other. You don’t look at whether a person is large or small or whatever. Everyone is the same. It’s relaxed.”

On the other side of the barbed-wire fence military officials test marine, submarine and airborne material, or carry out training with about 225 personnel living on the island Monday to Thursday.


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