Inside ‘Putin’s’ remote billion-dollar fortress so big it can be seen from space

A luxurious residence rumoured to be owned by Vladimir Putin has sparked speculation that the Russian leader is looking for a swanky lair from which to maintain power should the current Kremlin regime begin to crumble. Putin’s disastrous conflict in Ukraine has made Russia’s long-time ruler appear vulnerable to possible challenges, leading to questions over the true purpose of the colossal £1 billion property.

The magnificent Gelendzhik Palace overlooks the Black Sea and is situated in a remote section of the Krasnodar Krai region in southwest Russia. It can even be seen from space.

Two blast-proof tunnels were recently discovered in leaked architectural designs, as reported by, demonstrating the rigorous measures taken to protect the safety of VIPs dwelling within the palace.

The existence of the palace initially gained global attention through imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who revealed its presence. At the time, Navalny’s supporters described the opulent residence as “Putin’s innermost dream”.

This highly secured compound is reported to feature amenities exclusively for Putin’s personal use, including a pool, cinema, and wine cellar.

Moreover, the leaked blueprints have uncovered previously undisclosed lower levels within the palace.

Approximately 50 meters beneath the surface, an extensive network of tunnels, adorned with ostentatious decorations, is shielded by thick concrete walls.

Documents from the now-defunct Russian construction firm, Metro Style, which were previously available online, have provided insights into the details of the bunker attributed to the authoritarian leader.

The architectural drawings have exposed a complex system of tunnels constructed with heavy concrete and moisture-resistant materials, designed to offer protection against explosions. Above these tunnels, an extravagant palace was constructed.

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The two distinct sections of the underground complex are connected by a lift that descends to a depth of approximately 50 meters. Additionally, numerous escape routes are strategically placed, leading to the cliff area.

The tunnels within the residence are equipped with a comprehensive array of cables, ventilation systems, and a freshwater supply, allowing residents to stay there for extended durations.

There are rumours suggesting that Putin has included a controversial “striptease” area in the residence, designed for his personal use and that of his associates.

This area reportedly encompasses a stage and a pole.

With a maximum length of 60 meters, the tunnels provide a living space of approximately 6,500 square feet and can serve as command centres if the need arises.

While it is not uncommon for global leaders to have emergency bunkers, Putin’s retreat on the Black Sea was specifically designed to ensure his survival, evident from its distinct features.

Furthermore, the construction and ownership of this facility were privately funded.

The almost 17,000 acres of property that surround the palace are owned by the Russian security agency FSB, which is always on guard.

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