Inside supersonic nuclear airliner which can carry 500 people at 1,150mph

A huge, nuclear double-decker airliner with supersonic capabilities that let it travel up to 1,150mph has space for 500 passengers.

The spaceship-like vehicle has been dubbed the HSP Magnavem, with designer Oscar Vinals behind the lightweight aircraft that is aiming for speeds of 1,150mph, a little faster than most commercial airliners.

Hypersonic travel would slice through the time it takes for flights between New York and London, with just three hours needed for the airliner to travel between the two cities.

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HSP Magnavem has been described as a "fourth state of matter plane" and hopes to provide up to 500 passengers at a time with speedy travel aboard a vessel that looks like a rejected Star Trek ship design.

To travel with such revolutionary speed, designer Vinals hopes the plane will be equipped with a compact fusion reactor, which would power the engines and electrics.

Utilising the fusion reactor would be rather tricky as current technologies aren't quite ready to handle the immense power that could be adapted onto such a flight.

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But Vinals is hopeful that within the next 10 to 15 years, that will change and that the weight of the reactor and parts necessary could be reduced.

He said that over the next decade these materials "could change and we could reduce the size and the weight up to the point of making it feasible to equip an airplane with this technology".

The hopeful inventor continued: "The application of the future materials, some of these underdeveloped today or in an early stage, like nano structures of graphene, superconductors ultra-lightweight at ambient temperature, magnetic monopole devices, new plasma’s accelerator systems will help to make it possible.

"This CFR could generate great amounts of electric energy with zero emissions."

Those great amounts of energy would be needed for the 206 MD-DBD Plasma actuators, the huge engines that would control the airflow over the fuselage and wings.

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They would also be used to maximise the performance of the plane itself and the speed it can carry itself at, as well as decreasing the level of drag.

Vinals added: "Active flow control has recently received an increasing attention since it allows to directly manipulate the flow-field around a surface only when it is effectively requested.

"Aerodynamic plasma actuators supplied by a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) can be used for this purpose."

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