Inside trashed housing estate where residents say they are at mercy of ‘gangs’

A derelict housing estate has starred in a viral TikTok video branding the area a "f***ing state".

In the clip, Google Maps images from 2019 show badly damaged and vandalised homes in Primrose Court, Huyton, Knowsley.

Many of the houses have boarded-up windows on the ground floor, the upper floor, or even both, and some have obviously been the subject of arson attacks.

There is a mattress and other signs of flytipping in the street and the area has a look of neglect.

It was watched more than 5 million times after being uploaded to the video-sharing app by @joshhawley6 on Tuesday (January 18).

One user commented: "I went to view a house here once and nearly died when I saw the state of the street.

"The estate agent tried SO hard to talk me into it."

Someone else joked: "Estate agents describing it as an 'up and coming area for young professionals…'"

Meanwhile, other people said they wished property was more affordable where they lived because they'd like to own a house as large as the ones on Primrose Court.

Residents living in the area told Liverpool ECHO they feared for their safety due to gangs torching houses and setting fires in the street.

The issue of crime coupled with fly-tippers targeting the area caused many people to move out.

One man, who did not want to be named for safety reasons, told the ECHO: "I feel unsafe. There's a gang – they don't want to see this area getting better.

"All the time people are bringing their rubbish and they make fires. I can't describe it, to be honest with you, it looks like Beirut.

"I'm looking for a safe life, I'm not looking for trouble. Every day I'm going to work, I pay my bills.

"I remember one man moved in and he left after a couple of months because he wasn't safe here.

"They're nice houses but, for some reason, these people don't want to see this area getting better."

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