Inside UK’s maddest pub where punters pour own pints and cat’s called Hitler

Britain’s grumpiest pub landlord makes customers pull their own pints, offers no wi-fi or telly and lets his mean moggy Hitler prowl the bar.

Steve Cotten, 59, who runs the Poltimore Arms in Exmoor, Devon, models himself on highwayman Dick Turpin and regularly runs his pub wearing an 18th century jacket and hat, holding a flintlock pistol.

His remote boozer is a favourite with ­royals, celebrities and millionaires who enjoy hunting in the area. But Steve, who took over the historic pub seven years ago, is equally rude to them all.

And all thirsty visitors are greeted by the resident ginger moggy named Frederick Albert Hitler after Steve asked the rescue centre for the “nastiest” cat they had.

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He explained: “Most pubs are closing as they try and turn into restaurants and have electricity on 24 hours a day.

“I can live without electricity. I had no customers at the beginning.

"It was fantastic and I sat by the fire every night getting drunk.

“Then people started coming in. I never told anyone I was open.

"I said to the first one ‘what do you want?’ But they kept coming.”

He said: “We have had the richest people in the world here during the shooting season. I treat them all with the same disdain and disapproval. They all love it, though. No-one else talks to them like crap in the way I do.”

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Customers also have to put up with Hitler, who got his name after Steve asked a rescue centre for its meanest cat.

He also revealed that Prince Harry even drank in the inn with his mates “before he ran off with Meghan Markle” and he would make them pour their own drinks.

He joked: “They had never done a day’s work in their lives until they came in here. But they loved it.

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