‘Is there a full moon tonight?’ Dale slams caller claiming UK ‘being manipulated’ into war

Iain Dale in fiery clash with caller

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Iain Dale was left baffled after a caller claimed that the British public are “being manipulated by the Government in order to start up the war machine” as support from the west to Ukraine continues. Perplexed about the statements, Mr Dale jokingly wondered if there is “a full mood tonight” and suggested the caller to stop watching mad YouTube videos as “[his opinion] is barking mad”. 

After expressing deep condolences to civilians and soldiers who died in Ukraine during the war, caller Joe from Crystal Palace continued: “I need to say that I think that the British public and the rest of the world are being manipulated by government forces in order to start back up the war machine.

“This is a Government plan to like basically start a war,”

Mr Dale immediately responded: “Is there a full moon tonight?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, a government plot to start a war which Putin started? Do you accept that Putin started this?”

The caller replied: “I know that Putin started the war”

Mr Dale reacted: “Oh thank God for that, thank God for some mercies.”

Joe reiterated: “Don’t you think that the west may invoke the war?

“We know that the west are planning to support basically missiles right along the border of Russia.”

Incredulous about the caller’s statements, Mr Dale said: “Oh my God, where do these people come from?

“Honestly, where did you get all this rubbish from? Are you watching mad YouTube videos all day or something?”

The caller firmly insinuated: “[What I am saying] is true. You are politically controlled.”

Mr Dale questioned: “Who am I controlled by?

“Why is my opinion wrong and yours is right?”, asked the caller.

The LBC presenter hit back: “Because it is barking mad, that’s why.”


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During the call, the caller also said: “You have got NATO, which is basically threatening to put missiles right alongside [the Russian border].”

Mr Dale immediately responded and concluded: “NATO is a defensive alliance, defending ourselves against Russia.

“That is why we put missies in countries near Russia because they have proved that these countries need to be protected from Russia.

“That is what NATO is all about. And I’d stop looking at those YouTube videos.” 

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