ISIS bride Shamima Begum may be ‘welcomed back’ to UK, war hero fears

ISIS bride Shamima Begum could be free to return back to the UK following the repatriation of a Brit woman and her son from a Syrian camp.

The claims come from war hero and British Army veteran Alan Duncan, who spent time fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The veteran claimed that ISIS members were being treated "as if they were returning from a package holiday", with Duncan slamming the potential return of Begum as "an insult" to ISIS attack survivors.

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Duncan's comments come in light of the news that an unnamed woman and her son allegedly trafficked into the Middle East and into the terrorist cell are now free to return home.

They are now officially the first Brits to be allowed to return from ISIS since the war against the group has ended, with the move potentially opening the door for Begum's return.

Begum was just 15 when she, along with two other schoolgirls, ran away from her home in east London to join the Islamic State, with the British government revoking her citizenship in 2019.

News of allowing a former "ISIS bride" and her son back into the UK has been taken as an "insult" by veteran Duncan, who decried the decision.

He also compared the return of the unnamed woman and her son to that of a "package holiday".

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Speaking to The Sun, Duncan said: "Why are former ISIS jihadis returning to the UK like they were away on a package holiday? They're not being held to account.

"Why are ISIS now being treated as the victims, when every single ISIS female was involved in the slavery of Yazidi women and children, either directly or indirectly?

"This opens a path for Shamima Begum to return to the UK, I'd put my bottom dollar on it."

Duncan had been a volunteer with the Kurdish Permergas to fight ISIS and spoke out in support of the Yazidi minority group of Kurdistan.


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