Joe Biden dubbed ‘wildly reckless’ by ex-MI6 chief over ‘self-harming’ Afghanistan exit

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US President Joe Biden has faced significant criticism from military experts around the world over the failures in Afghanistan. Former MI6 chief Sir Alex Younger spoke to Times Radio and insisted the rapid departure of US troops was naive at best. He went on to say that at worst, the decision was “wildly reckless” as he conceded the withdrawal was ultimately necessary.

Sir Alex also admitted that Joe Biden’s Government was not the only administration at fault, however, and insisted Donald Trump also had to take some responsibility.

Sir Alex said: “I think that it was inevitable that we were going to have to leave.

“The idea that we could nation-build our way out of this problem had been proved against.

“I don’t actually question the broader strategy.

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“The execution, however, was unnecessarily self-harming.

“Huge amounts have been said and I don’t need to rehearse it, I would just say one thing.

“The idea of an abrupt departure is the same thing as a clean break seems to me, at best naive and at worst, wildly reckless.

“I frankly can’t get my head around it.”

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Sir Alex also admitted that Donald Trump’s former administration also had to take responsibility for some of the Afghanistan failures.

He argued that Donald Trump’s talks with the Taliban may have weakened the US’ position in Afghanistan.

He said: “I think President Trump’s administration also has a degree of responsibility.

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“They unaccountably they began their negotiations with the Taliban two years ago with the relinquishment of our most important bargaining chip which was our presence in Afghanistan which was a time frame of our departure.

“I think this has been unnecessarily messy.

“I hesitate to say that because as a practitioner I used to get really quite exasperated by arm-chair commentators employing hindsight.

“But it is difficult to account for some of the decisions that have been taken.”

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