Kangaroo floors dad with punch as he tries to protect kids in chilling footage

An angry kangaroo punched a dad in the face and kicked him to the ground following a frightening standoff on Christmas Day.

The large male unleashed his furious attack as Mitchell Robinson tried to protect his children in Australia.

Footage showed the marsupial squaring up to his victim before hitting him with his paw then kicking him to the ground.

The dangerous animal had been loitering and digging holes in their home's front yard in South West Rocks in New South Wales, the MailOnline reports.

Family friend Tina Grace Rowe told 7News: "It was just staring at him and he picked up something to try and shoo it away and as soon as he did that you could just see that it was going to go at him.

"He was massive. He was a big male kangaroo with a big chest."

The loving dad, who was nursing a broken arm, was lucky to escape the brazen attack without being serious injured, experts said.

Featherdale Wildlife Park zookeeper Chad Staples said: "They have huge claws on their front hands that they will use to hold on with and then their back legs are all power for kicking, so they are covered with weapons."

Locals are reportedly fed-up with kangaroos invading their coastal community.

The marsupials are said to be entering suburban areas to look for food following the country's devastating bushfires.

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