Kate Middleton gave ‘sign she is panicking’ over Prince Harry book, says expert

There is a "sign" that Kate Middleton is "secretly panicking" over the bombshells in Prince Harry's memoir, according to a royal expert.

Spare was officially released worldwide today (Tuesday, January 10) although several of the Duke of Sussex's revelations have already come to light after it was leaked in Spanish last week.

The Princess of Wales has been at the centre of many of those revelations.

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Harry has claimed it was Kate, along with Prince William, who encouraged him to wear his infamous Nazi costume to a party in 2005, and that Kate was the one who made Meghan cry over Princess Charlotte's flower girl dress.

The release of the book and the claims against her make this a bittersweet week for Kate, who celebrated her 41st birthday yesterday (Monday, January 9).

And it was yesterday that Kate gave away that she's worried about Harry's book, according to royal expert Daniela Elser.

Writing for news.com.au, Elser pointed out that William and Kate did not post anything on their official Instagram page to mark the Princess' big day.

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  • "That is highly unusual," she said, noting how it is "the first time in years they have not slapped something up on the actual day."

    She continued: "The biggest clue yet that all might not be tickety boo behind closed doors is the Waleses’ official Instagram account and the decision to not share a single, solitary thing on Kate’s big day.

    "This is the most notable sign that Harry’s various book provocations might have found their mark, in private at least."

    Elser said that is "standard practice" for all royals to post birthday tributes and, although they tend to be "about as exciting as a cup of lukewarm, weak tea", Kate's decision not to is "remarkable" – particularly given what is happening at the moment.

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