Kate Middleton ‘has not put a foot wrong’ on ‘difficult’ Caribbean tour – expert

Kate Middleton “has not put a foot wrong” during a “difficult” Caribbean tour, a royal expert has said.

Kate and her husband Prince William are midway through a week-long tour that sees them visit Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

According to royal author Robert Jobson, during this time Kate “hasn’t put a foot wrong” and has proved she can “take anything in her stride” while keeping “a smile on her face”.

This is despite the fact that the royal visit has been greeted with protests outside the British High Commission by republicans demanding slavery reparations from the UK and the Royal Family.

Kate’s skills as a queen-in-waiting were on full display last night (March 23) when she joined her husband at a black tie dinner hosted by the Governor General.

The Duchess mingled with dignitaries, captivated the host's wife and leant a supportive hand to her husband as he delivered a speech on Britain's historic role in the slave trade, describing it as “abhorrent” and a “stain on our history”.

Jobson told the Daily Mail: “The Duchess of Cambridge has certainly wowed the crowds on this tour, she hasn't put a foot wrong.

“It is very important diplomatically to show that whatever is happening the royal couple can take it in their stride and always have a smile on their faces.

“Her interactions are natural and warm. Her exchanges with the school children she has met have gone down very well.”

Fellow royal expert Phil Dampier added that the couple have had to “tread a difficult path” but Kate is a “supreme diplomat” who is an “asset” to the Queen.

He said: "Kate has been superb on this tour and supported William magnificently.

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"The couple have had to tread a difficult path of making friendships but always appreciating that these countries are considering ditching the monarchy in the future, which all the royals recognise is their right.

“Kate has met and greeted hundreds of people, shaking hands and chatting to everyone face-to-face, and you can see the crowds warming to her.

“Yes, it's a charm offensive, but I also think it's genuine and she enjoys seeing different countries and meeting people from all walks of life."

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