Katya Adler outlines why France may not be 100% keen on America’s EU gas deal

Joe Biden calls Putin a 'butcher' after visiting Ukrainian refugees

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US President Joe Biden has made a visit to the EU this week amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. According to Ms Adler, Mr Biden has offered the EU access to US natural gas and hydrogen supplies. The alleged offer comes as the bloc tries to wean itself off a heavy reliance on Russian energy.

The EU relies on Russia for a third of its crude oil supplies.

The current economic sanctions against Russia stop short of banning the EU’s reliance on Russian crude.

Cutting the bloc off from the supply of Russian oil could send Germany and the rest of the EU plummeting into a recession.

However, France has demanded the EU should avoid becoming dependent on any one country outside the bloc for its energy needs.

Paris has included the US in this demand.

According to Ms Adler, French president Emmanuel Macron said that he favours what he calls strategic sovereignty for the EU.

He wants the bloc to boost its own energy and food production through technological advances and defence capabilities.
The defence capabilities imagined would latter would complement rather than rival Nato.

The EU and Nato have had a long history of cooperation.

Nato, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is mostly made up of European nations.

At present, there are 28 European countries and two North American ones, the US and Canada, in Nato.

Established in the aftermath of Worl War 2, Nato was created as a check against Soviet power.

But, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nato increased its membership right up the borders of Russia.

The only two European nations bordering Russia that are still not in the organisation are Belarus and Ukraine.

Which explains some of the current conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

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