KFC workers deny scrawling todgers all over dad’s bag as kids ask what pics are

A fuming father hit out at a KFC for allegedly drawing micro-todgers all over a takeout bag.

The fast food eatery has denied they are responsible for a collection of offensive drawings found on the bag, which led to some rather embarrassing questions from his two children. David Carpenter has since fumed at the drive-thru.

Mr Carpenter says there was nothing unusual about his order at the time of the drive-thru experience, but between making his order and receiving it when parked at the front of the store, someone had drawn penises on the bag.

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His eight-year-old and 10-year-old children asked "what's this on the bag?" before David saw someone had doodled on their takeout. A collection of five members were found on the top of the bag which Mr Carpenter says left him shocked.

Speaking of the male genitalia scribbled onto his bag, David fumed to his partner about the appearance of the explicit drawings. He said: "I looked at the bag and thought what in the actual f and I showed it to my partner and said 'look at this'."

The obscene drawings saw David march back into the store, where a staff member was left confused by the complaint, before another staff member who took the order "completely denied" drawing the penises, New Zealand Herald reported.

David recalled: "She really didn’t know what to say and she started kind of asking me questions like how did that get on the bag. I said, ‘listen, I’ve just literally come out of my car because you’ve just handed me this food and this is what’s on the bag'."

He added there was "no way that I could've put that on the bag" before accepting an offer of a free refund. A KFC spokesperson has since claimed a probe into the incident was conducted.

They said there was "no evidence to suggest any members of staff were involved". But Carpenter is now demanding the store release CCTV footage of the incident to figure out who it was drawing doodles on the bag.

There were just 20 seconds between Mr Carpenter being handed the bag and the father of two storming back into the restaurant. "They won't eat at KFC again," he said, before explaining his daughter struggles with a dietary requirement: "We can’t. Now she’s got a mechanism in her mind that something’s wrong with it, and that’s the problem."

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