Kim Jong-un branded ‘modern day Hitler’ by furious North Korean defector

A North Korean defector who uses her YouTube channel to reveal the true stories behind North Korea’s secretive facade says Kim Jong-un is “a modern day Hitler”, and he will continue to develop nuclear weapons despite international sanctions because he "doesn’t fear America".

The Pyongyang régime is propped up, says Yeonmi Park, by China. She believes that the Chinese government uses North Korea as a bargaining chip in its diplomatic battle with the West.

Park and her family fled the oppressive North Korean regime in 2007 by crossing the frozen Yalu River into China.

Both Park and her mother were raped and exploited by people traffickers before escaping again to Mongolia.

Today Yeonmi Park lives in the US and has nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube. But growing up in North Korea she says she remembers eating insects to survive, and seeing bodies piled up in the streets.

But no matter what atrocities he commits, Kim Jong-un can’t be overthrown, she says, because of China’s support.

"He knows he can bully America,” she told The Sun. “He can bully anyone he wants because China is supporting him".

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And North Korea will continue in its policy of developing nuclear weapons, she says, because America will never be in a position to put a stop to the rogue state’s weapons program

Park says that the huge budget put into weaponry is one of the main causes of the terrible hardship endured by ordinary North Koreans.

“If they would spend just 20% of what they spent on making nuclear weapons, nobody would have to die in North Korea from hunger but the regime chose to make us hungry,' she told the New York Post.

She says that there is no peaceful solution to the menace of North Korea: “Diplomacy has never solved this problem. Every US President comes up with the same plan and North Korea's threat has been growing ever more.

“The UN compared the regime to Hitler – yet now everyone wants to have a negotiation with Hitler.

“China enables North Korea to do all the inhumane things. The problem is China. The enabler of Kim Jong-un is China.”

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