Little girl, 7, attacked by deadly viper as she reached for bunch of bananas

A venomous snake has attacked a seven-year-old girl who was grabbing hold of a banana when she was bitten.

With venom capable of inflicting necrosis and limb loss, the bothrops jararaca is Brazil's fourth most dangerous snake as a family worryingly found out last Thursday (December 1) .

At around 6.30am, a girl woke up at her family home in Guarçouba, northeast Brazil and opted for a fruit breakfast but received an agonising surprise.

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As the seven-year-old took hold of a bunch of bananas, it suddenly became apparent that a snake had wrapped itself in among them.

Likely reacting to the girl's encroaching hand out of fear, the viper sank its venomous teeth into her flesh, sparking an emergency response from her family.

Due to the family's remote location, the girl was rushed firstly to the coordinator's house from UBS Bom Samaritano, Joelma Reded, who lives in Tagaçaba.

As she clearly needed more treatment than that available, the girl was taken by boat ambulance from Guarçouba to Paranaguá, where she is now in a stable condition at the Regional Hospital of the Coast, in Paranaguá.

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Joelma told JB Litorol: "As they live in a remote area, they arrived at my house at 7.40am, but said that the case had already happened an hour ago. I called the team, the driver on duty, the ambulance sailor and the doctor Santa Martins.

"We gave her first aid and she was taken by ambulance to the Guarçouba hospital."

When bitten by a jararaca, the victim is likely to suffer from necrosis and swelling. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hemorrhage and necrosis can also be symptoms with the most extreme cases resulting in amputations of the affected limbs.

Elsewhere in the world, a 54-year-old man from Gobichettipalayam, India, had to have this tongue amputated after being bitten by a venomous snake.

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