London Euston station evacuated as armed police swarm amid ‘panic’

A major London train station has been evacuated due to a “police incident” amid reports of a stabbing.

Euston has been shut with reports of armed police swarming the station this afternoon at around 1.30pm.

Passengers reported scenes of “panic” as people were ushered out of the station.

One person tweeted: “What was the panic at euston underground just now about? Saw people running up escalators and armed police heading towards it #euston”

Another said: “Anyone know what’s happening at #londoneuston #Euston ? Police with guns everywhere and tube closed??”

A third claimed there has been a stabbing, saying: “Got off the train at London Euston & went down the escalator to the underground.

“As soon as I reached the gate, security closed it off. One of them told me there’s been a stabbing. I really hope the person who was stabbed will be OK.”

Another passenger has also reported an attempted stabbing, claiming three men are on the run with a knife.

They said: "A guy got jumped by 3 dudes with a knife.

"No one got stabbed but exchange of punches and the attackers ran off."

One witness even claims there was a group of 20 people involved in a fight.


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