London snow: Will it snow in London THIS WEEK? Huge snow blast tracking for Britain

London has so far escaped snow showers this winter, though that might change later this week. After Storm Dennis subjected London to heavy rain, that could make way for snow.

Will it snow in London this week?

The majority of the cold weather will be found in the northern regions but that doesn’t mean the capital isn’t at risk of snow.

According to a New Weather snow risk map, Thursday, February 20 might be the day London sees snow.

The graph shows a band of cold weather sweeping across the Atlantic and over Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the north-west of England.


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With it comes a risk of snow in those areas from midday onwards.

The cold weather continues to move eastwards in the afternoon, engulfing the Midlands.

The snow risk for London is predicted by Net Weather to be in effect from around 6pm.

However, the risk is comparatively low when compared to the northern regions of the UK.

In Scotland, for example, the probability of snowfall is close to 100, according to the Net Weather map.

For London, it’s considerably less both in likelihood and length of time, as by 9pm the map no longer shows the capital at risk.

The Met Office forecast for London next week says: “On Monday, a dry, chilly and sunny start to the day, then increasing cloud will bring further showers.

“Feeling chilly with fresh or strong southwesterly winds inland, with possible gales along coasts, maximum temperature 9C.

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“For Tuesday to Thursday, windy with sunshine and showers on Tuesday, possible overnight frost. Dry, sunny Wednesday morning with lighter winds, then rain later.

“Milder, but windy with rain on Thursday, then showers later.”

From Friday onwards, the Met Office says: “Unsettled and often windy conditions are expected to continue with areas of rain moving east across the UK interspersed with brighter, showery interludes.

“Rain is likely to be heaviest across western and especially northwestern areas with the driest and brightest weather across the east and southeast.

“Hail and thunder are also possible in the showery interludes with snow at times over northern hills.

“Temperatures will generally vary between near normal and mild as weather systems cross the country.

“Some brief quieter, colder spells are also likely with more in the way of night frost.

“These are more likely later in the period and could give snow showers more widely to low levels in the north.”

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