Macron crisis: Marine Le Pen confident and says she ‘will win’ presidential election

Emmanuel Macron slammed for 'following bad science' by expert

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The French president has seen his popularity plummet over recent months following the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But now Mr Macron’s far-right rival has predicted she is likely to win the election.

Ms Le Pen said: “I think I will win the presidential election.

“A lot of French people will be reassured when they see the way I run the country.”

Ms Le Pen went on to say how she wants to “bring together the French” and create a “government of national unity”.

She continued: “I wish to make a government of national unity, it is my dearest wish.

“Because it is what will make it possible to present to the French the necessary unity around a political project.”

Later she reaffirmed her comments and tweeted how she will “bring together the French”.

Ms Le Pen tweeted: “I will bring together the French.

“There is patriotism on the right as well as on the left.

“The situation we are experiencing now cannot continue: I want to create a government of national unity.”

She continued her attack on Mr Macron and accused the President of bringing together the “worst of the right and worst of the left”.

In her interview with BFMTV, the eurosceptic attempted to reassure the French public that none of her proposals “represents a danger”.

She said: “The French have heard a lot about me.

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“Lots of false things […] Nothing in what I propose represents danger.”

Ms Le Pen added how people should not be “afraid” of foreigners but did suggest immigration “is bad for the country”.

The president of the Rassemblement National party also hit out at the European Union and the rollout of the coronavirus vaccination scheme.

She said France was “in a less favourable situation than other countries”.

Before adding: “I have only limited confidence in the European bodies given the way they have handled this health crisis for a year.”

She explained how the restrictive measures of the government are “absurd” and “arbitrary” and accused Macron’s team of having a “problematic relation with freedom”.

In January, Mr Macron was warned the slow vaccine rollout across his country could hurt his chances of re-election.

Jessica Hinds, a European economist at Capital Economics, said: “Although the 2022 presidential election still seems a long way off, President Macron is certainly worried that a poorly-executed vaccine rollout now will harm his chances of winning another term.

“A slow pace of vaccination would limit the government’s ability to lift restrictions that are taking their toll on the economy and people’s daily lives.

“This would clearly be unpopular among (French) voters, particularly if other countries such as Germany are able to remove them sooner.”

The pace of the vaccine rollout has been criticised by the French president who said it was “not worthy of the moment or of the French poll” and said the situation “must change quickly and notably”.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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