Macron slammed for ‘foolish’ attempt to ‘appease’ Putin ‘Trying to be a modern Napoleon!’

Dan Wootton says Macron has been ‘humiliated’ by Putin

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Professor Jeremy Black, author of A Short History of War, claimed that Mr Macron appears to have been “taken in by Putin”. He hit out at the French President for what he called a “very vainglorious desire to see himself as Europe’s leader”. This comes as Mr Macron has faced controversy for continuing to meet with the Russian leader.

Since December 2021, Mr Macron has met with Putin 17 times.

Speaking to, Prof. Black said: “I think Macron has been very foolish and has been taken in by Putin.

“I think its part of his desire, very vainglorious desire, to be a sort of modern napoleon or modern de Gaulle and to see himself as Europe’s leader, and to be independent of the Americans as it were.

“And also to put flesh on his vision of an EU foreign policy.

“Certainly in this case it hasn’t worked at all well.

“It’s also of course interacting with French domestic politics, and his desire to appear the statesman and possibly to circumvent both the far left and the far right of French politics, each of whom separately look to Russia.”

Writing in The Telegraph, Prof Black claimed that “appeasement” of Putin has been “promoted by Emmanuel Macron”.

He added: “He appeared to be seeking a grand bargain with Mr Putin in Moscow last week.

“One that Ukrainian politicians said would have resulted in their country losing its sovereignty.

“There was even a sense that Ukraine could be excluded from deliberations on its future, just as the Czechs were excluded from the discussions with Hitler in Munich.”

Earlier this week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused the French leader of “negotiating with Hitler”.

He said: “What have you achieved? Have you stopped any of the actions that have taken place?

“Criminals are not negotiated with, criminals must be fought. Nobody negotiated with Hitler.

“You would negotiate with Hitler, with Stalin, with Pol Pot afterwards?”

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He added: “Enough of this game of the delay of some European leaders, manoeuvring, spinning.

“Strong sanctions are needed, those that will break Putin’s war machine, otherwise more innocent people will die.”

In response, Mr Macron’s office said it is important for Putin to understand the demands of Western countries and the cost for Russia of disregarding them.

A French presidential official said: “From the onset, the president has used all available means to make Putin stop the war: massive sanctions, support to Ukraine, demands made directly to President Putin during their calls.”

But Prof. Black claimed that Mr Macron doesn’t care about the criticism.

Speaking on Monday, after Mr Moriawecki made his remarks at a press conference, the historian said: “The Polish [Prime Minister] attacked him.

“I’d don’t think Macron cares. He’s got a very strong self-image.”

He added: “So he’s not to be particularly bothered by people who disagree with him.

“He’s going to see them as lesser people because that’s very much Macron’s approach to opposition.

“He very much ignores it. He claims to listen but he never realises that that involves listening.”

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